Verified Volunteers & Rosterfy

Do You Manage Volunteers?
Learn about Verified Volunteers’ integration with Rosterfy


The Rosterfy and Verified Volunteers integration allows you to easily recruit, screen, train and schedule your volunteer event workforce across hundreds of shifts within a single platform.

This platform allows you to:

  • Utilize an industry leading solution currently powering the largest global sporting events and non-profit organizations.
  • Attract and register volunteers with the right skills and attributes for your organization via a mobile- friendly and highly customizable registration form.
  • Communicate with prospective and current volunteers instantly via email, phone and SMS throughout the entire onboarding and scheduling process, keeping them engaged, satisfied and loyal to your organizations events.
  • Design your own volunteer training modules to ensure they are ready for their next assignment.
  • Provide a volunteer portal to ensure your workforce can track all communications and assignments – minimizing the admin time you spend coordinating your volunteers.
  • Manage your volunteer program more easily, and report more accurately, including the ability to search your database geographically.
  • Progress your volunteer workforce into paid roles via intuitive timesheet reporting.
  • Generate accreditation credentials to seamlessly manage the end to end event workforce delivery process.
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