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New Report: 85% of Organizations May be Using Low Quality Checks in Their Volunteer Screening Program

Verified Volunteers’ 2016 Volunteer Screening Trends and Best Practices Report reveals that a majority of volunteer organizations discover a misdemeanor or felony conviction for less than two percent of their volunteers during the background screening process. This low “hit rate” suggests that these organizations are receiving a poor quality check.

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Why Your Organization Must Screen Volunteers

While most volunteers are honest people who genuinely want to help, there will always be questionable individuals trying to get through the door. Government agencies and other organizations need to stay ahead of the curve and maintain volunteer screening processes that protect their assets and the people they serve. Read this op-ed piece by Verified Volunteers Executive Director Katie Zwetzig to learn just why volunteer screening is so important – and how to make sure you are getting background checks of the highest quality.

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Volunteers being screened for pope's visit

An in-depth look at the screening process for the Pope’s 10,000+ volunteers.

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Pope Francis Philadelphia Visit: 9,000 Volunteers Signed Up For September Celebration

When Pope Francis heads to Philadelphia in September, some 9,000 volunteers will be among the expected crowd of 2 million people. The volunteers will tackle the everyday logistics associated with a papal visit, including answering visitors' questions, giving directions and serving as interpreters. Despite the relatively basic job duties, the process of becoming a volunteer is not a simple one. Those selected by the World Meeting of Families, which facilitated the pope's visit, had to go through a rigorous background check to participate in the event.

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