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Verified Volunteers and Plan To Protect Partner to Safeguard Vulnerable Populations

Together, Organizations Increase Protection for Children and Vulnerable Adults.

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Use of Volunteers on the Rise

Organizations are relying heavily on unpaid workers, according to research from Verified Volunteers’ “Volunteer Screening Trends and Best Practices Report: 2017.”

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Nonprofits Relying on More Volunteers - and More Vetting, Survey Says

As their volunteers interact more heavily with vulnerable populations, some nonprofits are checking their backgrounds more thoroughly, according to a recent survey.

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Organizations Using More Unpaid Workers Than Ever, Verified Volunteers Study Finds

Volunteer numbers are rising as organizations that use unpaid workers are drawing on more of them than ever, according to new research from Verified Volunteers’ Volunteer Screening Trends and Best Practices Report: 2017. The number of one-time or casual volunteers is also growing. More volunteers are passing through organizations yet fewer are committing for long periods of time.

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