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Background Checks For Service Organizations

Nonprofits and service organizations differ from for-profits in many ways. One example is background screening. Background checks required for service and nonprofit volunteers are quite different from background checks for normal company employees.

On top of this, each service organization is different, as are their volunteer needs. And background checks can vary from state to state and from function to function. If your volunteers are working in an office environment and are not in direct contact with children or the public, you may require a different level of background check than an organization whose volunteers are in the field.

Verified Volunteers offers specialty background checks for nonprofits and service organizations working in fields like those below.

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Verified Volunteers works with service organizations of all shapes and sizes, working in dozens of sub-sectors and specialized areas. If you do not see your area of focus below, please contact us.


Screen volunteers at colleges and universities, preschool, elementary, secondary schools, libraries, and research institutions.

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Screen volunteers working at hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing facilities and relief organizations.

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Religious Institutions

Screen volunteers helping to support houses of worship (all faiths) as well as faith-based auxiliary services.

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Social & Human Services

Screen volunteers working with organizations serving the elderly, disabled, homeless, low income, and other vulnerable populations.

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Screen youth coaches, referees, and others volunteering with amateur, Olympic and youth sports teams.

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Youth Development

Screen volunteers providing mentoring, outreach, leadership and other youth development services.

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