A Better Way to Screen Volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart and soul of your organization, but it’s a modern reality that you need to be sure your volunteers won’t adversely affect the safety or reputation of your programs. This requirement can make the onboarding process time-consuming and challenging.

Verified Volunteers offers you a new way to efficiently screen volunteers so you can get them up and running faster. Your volunteers are able to enter their own information using our paperless, online ordering process. You are then able to leverage our advanced screening technologies and dashboard tools to manage and monitor the process.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Invite

    Once you’ve identified a new volunteer, you simply email an invitation or provide a GOOD DEED code to complete a volunteer background check. The volunteer goes online and enters their information in four easy steps.
  • 2. Pay

    Payment options are customizable: your organization can pay, you can ask the volunteer to pay or you can even split the cost between your organization and the volunteer.
  • 3. Monitor

    You can see the status of every invitation you’ve sent, view the volunteer background check results and complete the onboarding process.
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Common Currency

Our Common Screening Currency

Verified Volunteers is all about giving you peace of mind. We've designed a much-needed common screening currency for service organizations and nonprofits that is composed of three volunteer background check levels. This common screening currency offers a standard for volunteer background checks that volunteer managers can quickly recognize and accept. It helps you quickly understand the level of volunteer background check that was performed but also retain your own organization's selection and review process.

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  • 1. Choice

    You select the volunteer screening level that makes sense based on the volunteer position and your budget.
  • 2. Accuracy

    We are laser-focused on providing the most up-to-date, accurate information about your volunteers using a sophisticated suite of criminal locator tools that always ends with the primary source.
  • 3. Updating & Alerts

    We update every Verified Volunteers background check once a month and provide real-time alerts about any changes.
  • 4. Compliance

    Our volunteer background checks are fully FCRA compliant and housed in a completely secure environment.
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Social Community

Creating a Community

When it comes to nonprofits and service organizations, there’s never enough time or money. Our platform is designed to save you some of both. Not only do we help you screen and onboard newly recruited volunteers, we’ve created a place where passionate Verified Volunteers can find your organization and share their volunteer Fast-Pass with you. We are the first online community to mobilize repeat, vetted volunteers.

  • 1. Fast-Pass

    Volunteers can share existing background checks with you at no charge. You can earn rebates if a volunteer background check paid for by your service organization or nonprofit is shared with another.
  • 2. Marketing

    Existing Verified Volunteers can find you and your organization on the platform. Sourcing new talent from a growing pool of passionate, vetted Verified Volunteers means you spend less time interviewing and onboarding.


Our community features and capabilities are provided at no cost to your organization and are yet another benefit of working with Verified Volunteers. The only costs your organization incurs are for the volunteer background checks you order.

Get Started Today! - Verified Volunteers is free to join and easy to use
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